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Thursday, May 27, 2010

it's that time of year again

swim suit season
{{.....crickets chirping.....}}

Yes ladies, it's that time of year when we mothers quake in fear before the dressing room mirror and pray to God that we will be able to find something anything to wear to the pool. For years I've avoided it, some years I'd wear just shorts and a tank, some years I'd refuse to go anywhere near a pool/beach/lake.
I wish I knew why it is that the "best time" to buy a bathing suit is while we are all still shivering in our sweaters? I really don't get it. I never do. I find myself looking through the remnants wishing I'd remembered to shop for a swimsuit when they came out.

I got a really cute bathing suit last year in a super-adorable pattern - I highly recommend going for a suit with a busy pattern like the one in the photo - I've loved mine. But it is really too small and "the girls" just don't stay in the way the way they ought to, at least not while I'm chasing four kids around the pool and since I'm not nursing at all anymore they're kind of, well - floppy and need something more. The hubs offered to watch the kids so I could go tonight, so I took Emma with me and we hit Old Navy. Last year I wasted a whole night going from store to store and ended up getting last year's suit at Old Navy - so I skipped all of the "maybe I could get something cheaper somewhere else" thing this time around.

So I got something like this: mine is actually gray (which have you noticed - it's such a trendy color this summer?!) and is a halter tank top and I got a gray bottom to match. The rouching is AMAZING - it hides my post-baby bump wonderfully. I felt like I was wearing a swim suit version of some Hollywood red carpet gown! I'm going to stitch up the front a tiny bit, but it looks so nice. yay!


Southern Reflections said...

Oh man...does it just get worse after more kids because I just had my second, and I'm like AHHH, and we're going to the beach this weekend...I guess everyone will just have to forgive my body after baby!! ;o)

alicia said...

Bravo. Swimsuit shoopping is the worst!!

Abi said...

Girl, I bet you look gorgeous because I saw you just a couple months ago and you were a skinny mini!