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Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Monday y'all

It's Monday. Time to pull my hair out and wish that it was the weekend again. Thankfully it's not so freaking hot as it has been - it really was miserable there for a couple days, but thanks to a nice little rain storm it's not anymore. Thankfully Daniel took the kids out for a couple hours and I got the house back in order. I feel kinda' old thinking that the best use of alone time is to vacuum and mop. However having a cleaner home does make life feel that much less completely out of control.
It's also time to participate in "not me" Monday with MckMama because is is just so great to see what we are all "not" doing - and you should see the photo MckMama posted today! It's hilarious!
This week I'm also participating in miscillany monday @ lowercase letters
Confession: I signed the Jamie Oliver online petition and then took the kids to McDonald's - not once but twice over the weekend!! Once on Friday just for some ice cream (if you can call it that) and once on Sunday for kids meals. Generally we're doing much better about eating at home and I'm cooking more from raw ingredients but on the weekends all the rules fly out the window.
Confession: I spent like twenty bucks on juice this week! What was I thinking?! I know what I was thinking - this stuff is awesome. Yummy and healthy.

My son just said the sweetest thing to me he said "Mommy, you're my favorite!"


Courtney said...

The McDonalds thing is totally something I would do. LOL! Blessings!

Mandy said...

We have the same food issues on the weekends... I always feel guilty about it later, but as a pastor's family, we get so stressed and just need quick food. I can totally relate.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks for joining in!!! bahaha- your jamie oliver confession makes me laugh... everything in moderation, right?!

Angela said...

I was cleaning and my Son was with my husband and I thought the same thing...Aww this is nice...peace and quiet to clean. Now I know why my mom always said she wanted peace and quiet for her birthday.

Stephanie said...

Haha! I laughed out loud when you mentioned your Jamie Oliver mishap! Too funny!

Natalie Catherine said...

aw what a sweetie! those moments are the best. i can't wait for sophia to say full sentences like that haha. right now i get the snuggles and sentences i have to decode. hehe.

The Paper Mama said...

Ha ha on the Jamie Oliver confession! Funny!