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Monday, May 10, 2010

It's kinda' Sunday

From where I'm sitting, it's still Sunday. The clock on my computer screen is telling me that Monday has rolled around without me. But there's stuff that has to be done, like it or not. My husband is one of those people who says "I'm tired, I'll just get up early and get this stuff done." then he gets up early and it gets done. It's awesome. If I try that - well, it just doesn't get done. Stuff like menu planing and home-schooling stuff.
We went to Atlanta for Mother's Day, to visit my awesome sister in-law and my husband's family. It was great. I played Scrabble on Daniel's iPad all the way there. The drive home was brutal (have you noticed yet, that's my new favorite word?) At about 10:30pm as I was starting hour three of the drive home I was telling myself that no matter how much we miss our family we are not going back to Atlanta until freaking Christmas-time!!! Which of course, we will not wait that long. My little nephew is due to be born before then and there is no way that I can wait that long to see him. But still, the drive sucks. Especially with four tired, cranky, bored kids.
Today I noticed something about myself today. I'm a social disaster on legs. (Thus the blog.) People laughed at me today for saying things that I didn't mean to be funny. Talk about an awkward moment. My family is super-duper nice but I am rather stupid sometimes. For instance, we were talking about my sister in-law's baby. I was looking at her ultrasound photos and mentioned that I thought he might have "the family chin" they all have this {totally adorable} prominent dimple in their chin. I said "well, those are hard genes to fight" to which my brother in-law busted out laughing. um, I didn't mean to me insulting or humorous. I'm simply stating a fact. When one of our daughters was born without "the chin" my mother in-law asked if we were sure that our baby didn't accidentally get swapped with someone else's baby. Maybe I should just stick to making coffee and serving cake and blogging about it later.
I'm just glad that the day is over. I hate Mother's Day. I feel sorry for all of the women who are longing to be mothers but cannot conceive and for the women who have miscarried and grieve for the baby that they never got to raise. I feel bad for people whose mothers have died and today is a day to mourn their loss and I can't help but think about all the motherless children desperately needing homes but are entangled in the red-tape of government and procedure, or are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. I like the pictures my beautiful children color for me and my husband always buys me a sweet card, but I'm always glad to have another mother's day behind me.
My husband did something really nice for me this year - he cleaned the kitchen for me! Daniel is a really thorough guy, so it's sparkling clean. Gotta' love that. He even did it while I was sleeping in - double brownie points!
While I was at my brother in-law and sister in-law's house I stumbled upon this awesome little photography book called The Best Camera: is the one you have with you it was totally inspiring! Learn more about it here.

this is a pic I took of my daughter today on my G1 phone camera

Inspired by this book next week's photo challenge is to take an artistic camera phone photo of something that makes you happy. I'll be writing more about it tomorrow, but I thought you might like to know what the theme will be next week. I'm still trying to decide about the giveaway. Maybe something from my Zazzle Store - what do you think?
Also of note: I signed up to get this book for free! You can too - click this link. My blogging friend Jamie wrote about it here. And I got a new CD this weekend it's the Tenth Avenue North CD. And did you know that you can buy a Sara Groves CD at Lifeway Christian Store for just five bucks? SWEET! (you have to buy it in the store, not online) And did you notice that I used the word "and" to start my sentence three times in this paragraph? A sure sign that it's time to go to bed.
I'll announce the winner of last week's photography challenge. I tried to do it tonight but y'all posted such awesome shots this week it was impossible for me to make up my mind in just a couple minutes. Which one was your favorite, other than your own, of course!
Sweet - I'm linking this up with lowercase letters where randomness rules on monday mornings!


LeAnna said...

My Hubby follows the same philosophy as yours abut that waking up early stuff. He's up at the crack of dawn every morning! Love Tenth Avenue North! Our lifeway store is alllllll the way across the big city, so I don't make it there often. And I have a habit of starting my sentences with "and", also. :P Love the idea for next weeks photo challenge! The pic you took with your phone turned out amazing. Have a great week!

Yellow House said...

Glad you survived the trip! Awkward family moments... gotta love em. You are not alone. Happy Monday!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i love all the random!!! thanks for linking up! glad you made it back safely. i agree with your sentiments in regards to mother's day. i feel bad celebrating the day knowing that there are so many women longing to be mother's! but then i'm reminded of the Lord's perfect plans for everyone so that helps me not to feel so bad. i have the same problem... i say things that i had no clue were funny and then people laugh (are the laughing at me or what i said?! i never know!). and then i get embarrassed or feel dumb for not understanding why it's funny. it's good to know i'm not alone. : ) tenth avenue north is fantastic... i love them! ooh, i have ipad envy.

Rachel said...

An enjoyable random post.

I agree about Mother's Day. As the years go by I desire to celebrate it less and less. However, I will take the spoiling my kids bestow on me!

Found you via carissa's link up. My daughter (hannah from aspire) joined in, and I plan to next week.

Blessings to you!

Jenn said...

Funny... sounds much like my {life}! :) Looking forward to the next challenge, but phone pics! Ahh... Yikes! I've never taken good pics with my phone so... I'm glad your challenge is gonna force me to play around with it. Wish me luck cause I'm gonna need it! Hehe... :)

Serline said...

I share your pain about the brutal drive. We recently got stuck in holiday traffic that turned 30 miles into a 4-hour crawl. In 100+ degree heat. And the GPS went dead (so we were not able to find the short cut). With the a/c alternating between dead and dying. Not my idea of fun.

The Paper Mama said...

Wow, that was taken with your phone? Very pretty.

Heather said...

Faith, I'm so glad you're planning on coming to see Seth before Christmas. We would miss seeing you all too much. Maybe at some point before he's born we can come up again. The trip is less "brutal" on us at this point.
As far as the gene-fighting goes, I think part of what was so funny (at least to Mark and me) is that we talk and wonder about that chin all the time. He's basically said the same thing many times about that gene being hard to fight. :)
Also, I agree about Mother's Day. Last year opened my eyes to the devastating side of it. I spent a decent amount of time in tears last year. I am so thankful to be in a much different stage now, but my view of it will always be (at least in part) more somber now. I will try to enjoy it while still recognizing what a difficult day it can be.
...and the picture of Emma from the G1 is awesome! You may have even inspired me to try this week's challenge (seeing as how I don't need the computer for it!)
Love you all!