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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i like wednesday

i like wednesday
i like it because from here on out it's all downhill to the weekend
i look forward to the weekend all week long
i like it because it's the day before thursday
thursday is my favorite day of the whole week
because it's the day my 2 favorite tv shows come on (BONES & Flash Forward)
and because it's the day my favorite photography blog does the Before & After photo challenge
i always know that i'll have something for it
even if i haven't picked up the camera all week
and i meet new bloggy friends
and i get lots of wonderful comments

also today was a particularly good wednsday because
we threw the booring homeschool plan out the window and sorted pennies - looking for the oldest penny in the house (1940 - see the prev. post) and doing a little compare/contrast. then the kids set up a "shop" and used the pennies to buy things from each other. which was wonderful until my oldest decided to start hadning out sheets of paper with $2000 "credits" on them, which my second oldest said she was going to donate to the homeless.
we met up with friends at the park
it was nice and sunny and the kids played in the fountain
we went to the Library
walking in the sunshine with my skirt blowing in a gentle breeze and my kids skiping along beside me I thought "this is the life"
but then we scientifically proved that mama can't handle two activities in the same day
we ate Little Ceasar's Pizza for dinner
i made smoothies (that were both amazing and fat free!)
we watched a stupid kids movie
i put the kids to bed
the hubs watched a super-stupid vampire movie while i tried to blog. ick. i still ended up watching most of it. ew. i should have asked to use the hub's ipad and gone somewhere else in the house.
i still like wednsdays though.
but I'll always like thursdays better.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Ah...such a cute post. I love Thursdays too!!

And yay for throwing the boring homeschooling plan out the window...tis definitely the season!