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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome Home

We're home!
Our move to Augusta went well. We had our fair share of stress, tears and near-catastrophes but now we are finally here and happy to be in our new house.
The day we got here the huge pine trees that are everywhere and every other pollen-producing tree in the area burst into full-blown pollen production. We've all had sinus headaches and sore throats on and off for a couple days and every outdoor surface is coated with the icky yellow stuff. I keep reminding myself that it's only for a couple weeks!
The kids spent the weekend with family - I got SO much done during the first couple days here! It was amazing and I am so greatful for that time.
Life has been BUSY these past couple days, it seems like as soon as I've finished cleaning up from breakfast and directed the kids towards a non-TV activity it's time to get started on lunch!! It's CRAZY busy. Plus the kids haven't fallen asleep before nine yet.
Our Neighbors have been NICE, one neighbor helped unload the truck, another helped me unpack the kitchen! That is always a wonderful surprise.
Here is our first breakfast at the new house! The kids are all sitting on bar stools.
Here is Josiah on his sister's bunk bed!
Katie-Abigail & Josiah on the top bunk!
A sweet smile from my crazy little man!

Real life has begun now. It's messy and hectic, stressful, exhausting and beautiful. Every once in a while I look around myself and wonder what in the world I'm doing here in a place where I don't know anyone, hours away from my family. I wonder if I'll survive this week! These days though Daniel is lucky to have a job at all - and this job is awesome.


Yellow House said...

Congrats on your move! The kids look so happy in their new place!

Megan said...

The thought of moving with children is an absolutely terrifying one. You are a SUPERSTAR!!!! Hope the "settled in" feeling comes quick for you :)