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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Settling In

Yesterday I had a post all written out on my phone when the app crashed and I lost it all - twice. I gave up. Today, I have so many thoughts and different posts tumbling around in my head that I just thought I'd ramble on a little bit about how we're settling in here at the new place. Plus I just watched BONES (yay!!! I'm such a fan. LOVED this episode.)
Not one box has been unpacked this week - not even one. But week two of homeschooling has been (so far) a sucess, it just takes up a huge chunk of time (and energy). And let me just say that never again will I take getting a shower for granted - 'nuf said.
Today I got a call from a church in the area that I visited on Sunday, she was really sweet and invited me to her homeschool group how amazing is that?! It gets even better - when we got to the park their were four little girls who were Beth's age! Even if we don't end up going to that church you can bet I'll be going to that park for the homeschool group. Beth was crying just last night because she misses her friends at school. It felt like such a Godsend to meet this group of moms. On the way home we grabbed a couple frostees and ate them out on the deck - it felt like a perfect afternoon.
Daniel brought me my first houseplant. It was a gift from one of his suppliers I thought that it was going to die and that made me sad but with a little water and some sunshine and it's good as new and starting to bloom. That makes me happy.
When I was poking around in our miniscule back yard I discovered some bricks under the grass that look like they were the outline of a garden. I feel a little bit like Mary in "A Secret Garden" and that makes me happy too. I took some photographs of it this morning. Since then I've cleared away more of the leaves and old grass clippings and I'm dreaming about what I'll plant.

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