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Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Me Monday and my rock star girl

Welcome to this weeks edition of Not Me Monday hosted by the ever-popular MckMama
My four year old little does not have really crazy tastes in music & movies. Her favorite song right now is NOT TikTok before that it was not Womanizer by Brittany Spears. She is not watching Transformers Rise of the Fallen right now, because it's her favorite move. No way, that's way to mature for a four year old, right? Well, I totally agree with you but Daddy-o let them watch it during nap time and no amount of "isn't this too scary?" can make my kids change their minds - in their minds it's a totally awesome movie.

This is from her "rock star" phase, she'd randomly burst into song no matter where we were.

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Yellow House said...

She is so precious!