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Thursday, April 15, 2010

in other news

it turns out that I really like homeschooling
it's exhausting
sometimes frustrating
often CRAZY
like when I'm trying to get Josiah to get out of mischief
and trying to help Katie-Abigail put a puzzle together
and explaining a problem to Emma
and dealing with Beth's stubborn attitude
then I feel like a tornado! Running around (in my jammies) like a hundred mile an hour windstorm. Then I make myself another cup of coffee, sit down for a minute and give everybody a break and I smile to myself as I listen to my kids play together.
Not having to get up at 6:30 every morning ROCKS, sitting on the couch snuggling with the kids and watching cartoons in the morning is super-great. I could get used to this!
Last night a painted my toenails teal. I felt like a mermaid :) Then I used the hair color I bought the other day and colored my hair for the first time. I have really mixed feelings about it. I stained my skin a little in the process (eew!) and I don't know how I feel about all those chemicals but my hair is now super-silky and soft! I love how it looks!
It made me think about maybe doing the "30 things to do before I turn 30" thing. Ever since Daniel turned thirty I've felt like I'm almost 30, and most of my friends are over 30 so I'm kinda' like "what would be the point" the reality is that I've got about three more years until I turn thirty, so I might do it! If I did I'd put "color my hair" on it. My sisters both tried to dye their hair red ten years ago I was too chicken (and too brunette - they are both blondies) to try it.
Today we are going to venture out - for the first time this week - to try to find an Old Navy so I can buy a pair of flip flops. We will be bringing worksheets with us in the car - oh yeah, just like when I was a kid -we're rockin' the homeschool flexibility now! Anyway, the weirdest thing happened to my old pair. I left them in the kitchen one night and the next morning there was just one - in the Living Room. I'm going to the blame the dog, even though I haven't found any evidence or shredded remains of my other flip flop. But I am NOT living for one more day in my crocs.
Okay, kids are going crazy... See ya in the funny papers!

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