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Monday, March 8, 2010

Yeah, not me either

I don't know if MckMama is going to do the Not Me Monday post, seeing as she is in Kenya. Her last post was beautiful! But I already was composing one in my mind so I thought I'd write one anyway? I'll put a MckLinky on mine so if you did on too you can let me know!

I most certainly DID NOT buy this beautiful $20 pillow for my 4 year old. That would be an inordinate amount of money to spend on something so frivolous. If your child pouts and cries and says that they really want this pillow for their new room you tell that child that it is completely out of the question and ignore your husband who says "this is not a hill to die on, get her the damn pillow."
It is SUCH a cute pillow, though, and in my opinion completely worth paying $20 in addition to the $40 I was forking out for the bed set I am completely in love with and gave so much so that my children had no choice in the matter whatsoever.

I also did not spend all weekend nursing a veritable mount-Everest sized pimple on the back of scull, which gave me a headache that not even two ibuprofen and a glass of wine could touch.

I did NOT go gaga for the Twizzlers I had my husband buy for me on Sunday. Nor did I give my kids a second piece in the van on the way home from the grocery store, just because I wanted to eat another one.

I would NEVER let my Emma stay home from school, even though she didn't have a fever or vomited, just because she cried and looked pitiful.

And no, my child DID NOT draw all over himself with dry-erase markers while I was writing this post.

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Yellow House said...

Thanks for stopping by earlier! I am glad I wasn't the only one who did a NOT ME! It's part of my weekly routine :)