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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wishful wednesday continued aka I fell in love with the couch at Big Lots

I've had a terrible day. I'm tired. It's hot. I've had a horrible headache. I'm hormonal. I've done none of the laundry that I was so sure I was going to finish today. {insert exasperated sigh here}

I spent all morning out running small pointless errands. Daniel and I are on the hunt for bar stools for the new house. Because of the little kids I have my heart set on getting stools with backs on them so that {hopefully} we will have less accidents with children falling off of bar stools.

Once Daniel gets on the warpath for something he is relentless until he has whatever it is he was shopping for. I am totally appaled at how much stores charge for new ones, so I hit up a few stores checking prices. The last store I chased Josiah around was Big Lots where I made the mistake of letting Josiah sit on all the couches. In the meantime I totally fell in love with this one:
For {just} $299 this is perfect! I sank down into it and fell in love with the most perfect couch ever. So I thought I'd blog about it. silly mommy.

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