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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What the Heck? Wednesday

Welcome to WTH Wednesday Hosted my Mommyologist. Her posts are totally hilarious. You should check them out.

Today's WTH Wednesday features my adorable but mischievous son, Josiah, who actually loves to say "What the Heck?" In fact I thought about trying to get a video of him saying that on my phone. It's totally adorable.

Josiah HATES diaper wipes. He cries at the very sight of them. If he is poopy he won't tell us, in fact he will sometimes lie and say that he is not poopy just because he knows that we will use wipes and when we have to change these aforementioned sticky diapers he screams no wipes!!! NO wiiiiiiiiipes!! It's pitiful. Sometimes I will bathe him after a really bad diaper just so I won't have to go through the wipes fight. He is the first child to do that, and it really makes me just shake my head and think - what the heck?

Then today Josiah covered himself, and the dog, in my husband's shaving cream. His face was adorable as he smeared the smelly goo into the dog's fur. I grabbed my camera and then cleaned up the mess, with this Wiggles song buzzing in my head. What's up with that?

While I was bathing the dog Josiah decided to climb up on his Daddy's desk, grab a pen from my husband's office supply stash and then he proceeded to draw all over the lampshades - come on! What the Heck?!

And then there are empty storage containers. They baffle me. I buy them in various sizes and colors, carefully sort out my children's belongings into them and then they spend 90% of their short, un-broken lives empty. Their contents spread through out the various corners of my home, under furniture, stuffed in closets, etc. I mean, what's up with that? I even packed up some of my children's seldom played with toys, (I had originaly typed "seldomly" but my spell checker said that that isn't a word) I had no packing tape so I just folded the flaps of the box together shoved the box in the closet and (finally) shut the door, however they unpacked thar box within a day and played with the contents like they were the best toys ever. sigh. It's completely beyond me.

Now, back to packing.


Cybil said...

Found you from the Mommyologist. What a cutie! This is a great picture. When my kids were that age, I LOVED the Wiggles! I think I actually loved them more than my kids! ha ha! Their songs were so catchy!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried making your own wipes? The commercial wipes may have something that's irritating his skin. It's very simple to do and may simplify your life.

is one of the many recipes online.

The Mommyologist said...

That no wipee thing is hysterical!!! Love that he lies about having a poop!

Thanks so much for participating! I'm working on getting a McLinky now, so next WTH Wednesday will have one for sure!