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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welome to What the Heck? Wednesday

I've been looking forward to What the Heck? Wednesday all week - is that messed up? It is brought to you from the never-to-be-out-done mother of all what-the-heck-amanians the rockin' Mommyologist. Her last post really rocks - I actually have to remind myself often that I'm not a garbage disposal and it's not my obligation to eat my kid's leftovers. Also weight gain during pregnancy is the last thing that super-models should be talking about. During my first pregnancy I cried after every appointment because of the weight I'd gained and I really hated being weighed and hearing the remarks of the nurses. It was horrible. Anyway, open the Mommyologist blog in a new window leave me a comment!
I've collected several little tidbits to share with you:
First of all, have you tried Late Night Doritos? Daniel brought home a bag of the Cheeseburger flavored kind and man, let me tell you, that will have you saying what the heck? even if you are not a whattheheckamanian. Beth said they tasted like Burger King burgers. I picked up a bag of Midnight Tacos and in my opinion they are slightly better but my tastebuds were wasted for anything else after I tried them for the first time. I thought they tasted exactly like the taco mix that I used to buy to put in ground beef or chicken on mexican night (before we had a bunch of kids who only like cheese quesadillas).
Secondly, my husband went out on Sunday to pick up a some moving boxes and he came back with about fifty WARDROBE moving boxes (without the metal bar, of course), and nearly a hundred beer boxes. He also brought home a bunch of really great box moving boxes, but what the heck? What am I going to do with wardrobe boxes that have no bar?!! I told Daniel that I had half a mind to just skip the organization/purge step in packing the kids rooms and just stuff it all in the wardrobe boxes, I could sort through it all after we move. Daniel just gave me a look like that was the worst idea I'd ever come up with, so I guess I'll have to sideline that thought.
Also, our adorable little dog has taken to, um, humping our stuffed animals all the time. It's getting to the point where it's uncomfortable. What the heck is up with that?
Moving on, we now come to Disney Movies. What is up with these people?!! I watched the Princess and the Frog for the first time with the little kids today and all the voodoo and black magic stuff was creepy! None of that stuff is in Pixar movies or Dreamworks movies, I don't know why Disney feels compelled to include creepy black magic stuff in nearly all of their animated "classic" movies.
Oh and Josiah's newest thing is to get into the refrigerator to get himself something to eat!! It was kind of funny the first time he came into the room with a cold hot dog in his mouth, leftover from another night's dinner. Now it's super-annoying. You know how "they" talk about a boy's immense appetite? It's started people. At two. And it's CRAZY.
Winding down today's rant I give you Spray Paint. What the heck is up with it not washing off of your skin? I've never used paint that is so damn difficult to wash off! I don't get it.
Finally, the cost of nobs. I'm refinishing one of the dressers and so I went to Target to get some new nobs, I thought they'd be like $2 a piece, but instead the ones I want are nearly $5! What the heck?! Daniel said I should just go with a contrasting color like white. White for the nobs on that dresser were pretty near the top of my "don't want" list but it's looking like my best option. It's that or pink. Hmmm. Do y'all know of a better place to buy nobs? I was thinking maybe Home Depot or Lowes? Or would they be even more expensive? Should I buy both white and light pink and just return whichever one I don't like?


The Mommyologist said...

YAY! I'm so glad you joined me today! Um...cheeseburger flavor Doritos??? I'd love some of those in my garbage disposal right now! Gisele had me so fired up that I just finished a wrap and large fries from McDonald's. And it felt great!

Too funny about the dog humping. I have a good friend whose dog humps my leg every time I come over. It's a female dog and she's fixed, so who knows what the issue is!!

Faith said...

I thought you would like that part :)