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Monday, March 22, 2010

Good "not me" Monday Morning

Welcome to this week's edition of Not Me Monday brought to you by MckMama so be sure to head over there and check out what everyone else is not doing!

Yeah so I would never leave the two year old boy with the eight and six year olds to play so I could get a little packing done because I know better, right? Because that two year old will probably sneak outside and go over to the neighbor's house - who we don't know. Then he'll come home screaming and crying and the neighbor will be completely freaked out that there is a beautiful two year old boy in her driveway and I'll be just about ready to cry and I'll sit on the steps holding my sweet boy and thanking God that he is okay. So of course I would never do that.

I also did not almost cry at Steak and Shake when my kids all wanted to order PB&J! I was like why did we even go out?! But kids eat free on the weekends there, (not including milk shakes) I also did not "help" my kids change their minds about what they wanted (ouch) and they got these uber-cute little corn-dog thingys.

I would also never take the kids to see my sister, who lives an hour away for dinner on a Sunday night because I would know that I'd stay way too long. I would also not then stay until nearly eleven, getting home at 12:30AM!! I most certainly wouldn't let the kids sleep in and stay home from school because well who does that?!

I also do not have like a month's worth of clean laundry on the couch screaming to be folded!

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Yellow House said...

Mmm... restaurant PB and J! They look so cute snuggled up on the couch. Good luck with your move!