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Friday, March 19, 2010

First Ever Weekend Movie Pick

I thought it would be fun to post some thoughts about movies on my blog every Friday. My family loves to watch movies together but we usually only have time for it on the weekends, maybe yours does too and so maybe this will be as helpful for you as it is fun for me! I decided to limit myself to what you can rent on I only go to the movie theatre three or four times in a year, it's just so much easier to rent a $1 movie! I also didn't want to open myself up to reviewing everything that has come out ever in the history of movies, because that makes me feel rather overwhelmed. So while every now and then I might stick in a golden-oldie or something that pulled me out to the theaters my regular posts will be about stuff you can rent at the dvd kiosk.
I LOVE to get your comments! Let me know if there is a movie you'd like for me to review, or feel free to share your contrary opinion :) And if you have an idea for a better name than "weekend movie picks" let me know.

This being my very first edition of Weekend Movie Picks I thought I would sift through all of the pretty good movies I've seen in the last month or so and just give you a few really good movies.

Where the Wild Things Are how do I begin to put into words how much I love this movie? It's the most original children's movie I've ever seen, yet it communicates a depth of emotion most movies don't even come close to delivering. The raw emotions of hurt and anger but also joy and love leap off the screen. It's artful and beautiful and endearing.
The first time I saw a trailer for Where the Wild Thing Are I thought it would be much too scary for my kids, however Josiah saw an ad for it on my Facebook page and wanted to watch it. And then he wanted to watch it over and over again every single day. I read the book to him every day, usually two or three times a day. We took all of the kids to the discount theater and they all really enjoyed it, even two year old Josiah. We own it now and like to watch it during quiet times.
It's not a movie I would let my kids just sit and watch by themselves for the first time, it gets really emotional and sometimes a little scary. However it is a great family film and I highly recommend it. Visit the Where the Wild Things Are website here.
Ice Castles is a wonderful family film about a figure skater who falls on the ice and becomes blind only to return to skating better and stronger than ever. Reminiscent of Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken it's a story of love conquering all, and hard work paying off. The acting is good, the cinematography is okay. It's not quite as well done as Ice Princess but more dramatic and less fluffy. Taylor Firth carried the movie and was perfect for the role. It's another good movie that our whole family enjoyed.

Bright Star is a romantic period drama about the poet John Keats and his relationship with Fanny Brawne. View my page about it here! It is a beautiful movie skillfully acted, wonderfully written and directed, beautifully photographed. A cinematic beauty. If you like movies like Pride & Prejudice etc. I am confident you will adore Bright Star as much as I do. Visit the Bright Star website here.
The Stepfather is a thriller that Daniel and I enjoyed quite a bit. It's not the best movie ever but it is one of the few that Daniel and I have seen lately that we both enjoyed. We don't do horror movies and we only watch the occasional thriller but this was one that we actually enjoyed. It reminded me of Disturbia and has a similar plot line. It also has a similar tone to Obsessed. It's creepy and suspenseful and I loved the emotional performance by Penn Badgley as the teen aged son who is looking into the identity of mom's fiance. He showed the deep sadness of a boy who is abandoned by his father and misunderstood by his mother in a scene that was really moving.
Movies I didn't care for: The Princess and the Frog too much voodoo, scary shadows and "friends on the other side", ick. Everybody's Fine not terrible, but not good either. Love Happens depressing and not really very romantic. Did You Hear Abut the Morgans? painful to watch. The Box totally creepy. Law Abiding Citizen a gory, ugly, awful movie. The Informant about as entertaining as watching water drip.
Well, I hope you enjoyed these weekend movie picks! Let me know if you want to see anything on here next week!


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