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Friday, March 26, 2010

A few of my favorite things

My little man has a fever. He sat in my lap screaming for chocolate milk for like ten minutes, it's pitiful. He usually has chocolate milk every morning, it's his reward for being weaned, or something like that, but I'm the sugar-police in our house and refuse to give my kids anything sweet while they are sick, which drives my husband crazy. So Josiah is eating/playing with some strawberries and is finally happy. I'm so thankful I didn't tape up the box of kids DVDs yet! I think we're gonna' need it today.
Josiah was up screaming at 4:30am this morning, I got him to fall back asleep just after 5:30am laying on my chest with my phone playing music in his hand. It was so sweet. But I missed my alarm (which is on my phone) so I woke up like ten minutes before the bus would come. I was like "I'm so sorry, let's try to make it, but if not I'll take you to school" Emma just stood there sleepily as I dressed her, I felt like such a bad mommy, but at least I wasn't yelling, so that's always a good thing. My kids got ready in time! They got in the bus with their snacks in their hands. They are so awesome. I'm exhausted!
Thankfully Katie-Abigail is a sleepy angel, laying in my bed playing with a puzzle app on my phone. I'm so thankful that both of my little ones arnen't screaming at me this morning.
I wanted to link up to this awesome, encouraging blog today called Under Grace and Over Coffee isn't that a clever title? I found Andrea at the (in)courage and have loved reading her blog this month. She does these awesome "Caffinated Randomness" posts every Friday, which I love! So I wanted to do this {totally random} post for ages, I'm so happy to post it today!!

My favorite colors these days

PURPLE - is my all time, always and forever favorite color. Sometimes I think of it as my aura (not that I believe in that but it makes for a fun online test!)

I love wearing purple. I love purple flowers, like violets and pansies and hyacinths. I love my purple bathroom.

TEAL - my new favorite color.

I love my new teal mug!

And the rug for the new house with teal in it.

And this pillow that I bought for Katie-Abigail's bed at the new house.

YELLOW - the color of daffodils

Yellow is my mom's favorite color! It is also the color that I painted my girly's tonails over the weekend.
and this awesome pillow at Target that I keep blogging about but not buying.

It is also the color of that amazing dresser makeover that I adore.

SPRING GREEN - I've always loved green but this season I'm really loving that bright spring green. It's so cheerful! It's in this towel I bought at Target a few weeks ago.

PINK - loving it these days. I guess my girls are finally wearing off on me! It's been so muh fun gathering and painting things pink for the "pink room" at the new house.

And by the way we picked up four bar stools for $50 last night off an ad on craigslist - score! They are not exactly what I wanted (the ones I wanted were more like fifty bucks a peice) but it will at least do for now.


Marianne said...

Loved this post! And Faith - purple is my current color too.

Annika said...

I can't wait until my spring bulbs start to bloom. Great pictures!

Manda said...

I love the teal... and I especially like that you accentuated it with Lucky Charms.

Critty said...

Love, Love, Love your favorite colors.

Hope your sweet feels better soon!

Hope you enjoyed linking up to CR...Andrea is definitely an amazing encouragement and with her love of randomness what is not to love ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen said...

All your favorite colors are very springy colors. I'm so ready for consistent spring weather! The picture of the flowers is beautiful...such a bright and cheerful yellow.

Hope you have a great week!