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Thursday, February 4, 2010

you are my sunshine

The big girls are feeling better and off to school. The little ones are getting the attention they are used to and fighting less. I am drinking coffee and trying to get my act together. It's going to be a better day today, I think.

Today I am just so happy to be "Mommy" to snuggle and laugh and feel the warm bread dough I made today that will hopefully be a more successful second attempt at donuts. Today, although the weather is rainy and cold and crappy again and it feels like it might just never get around to being spring again, I have my sunshine here with me, with my kids.

I've begun the house hunting process online. I am so thankful for that modern innovation of placing homes for rent online. It simplifies things so much. I am also using google wave to create a little document that Daniel can also view online it has a map with little pin points showing where the best schools are and some of the houses I'd be interested in looking at whenever we go house hunting. I get a little obsessive about checking craigslist - that's where most of the best ads have been. I was told our budget, and that has been a little cold splash of reality, as usual.

I didn't do any photography today. I fell asleep on the couch while Katie-Abigail was watching PBS instead. Later Katie-Abigail asked me to tie her blanket around her shoulders. She ran off saying "I'm SuperWhy!" -if you've seen that on PBS you'll know what I'm talking about :) Later I gave Josiah a bath, we were playing with some cars on the edge of the tub and mine fell in he said "oh crap" and pulled it out for me. I tried not to laugh. Guess where he got that one?

p.s. my donuts were a complete failure. somewhat due to the fact that I accidentally bought self-rising flour. If I'd been baking rolls I think they would have turned out fine. They also burned or over cooked or something when I tried to fry them. They were pretty good as fritters. hmmm..

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