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Sunday, February 28, 2010

vintingy type stuff

So I have recently been on this "vintage" kick. Mostly just in my blog reading habits, to be honest. But I'm really digging the originality and creativity that I've been seeing. So I've got TONS of links here for you to vist, or not.

First of all The Lovelies blog is link central and SO cool!
Then there is Lune Vintage - she likes posting things she's bought even more than I do! And she's doing a class online with the aswesome chick at a beautiful mess
The REALLY cool and creative photographer Violet Bella blog by Laura M
The BEAUTIFUL vintage-inspired photography blog of Sadie Olive (there is music on this blog, to turn it off scroll to the bottom of the page) really, really pretty work.
An AMAZING shop called The Vintage Pearl and the blog is here
A blog that made me SMILE is the paper-crafter blog Capture the Details
I also discovered today which is CRAZY amazing! I created this collage out of some of my favorite pieces but there are all kinds of amazing and unique clothing in the store.

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