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Monday, February 15, 2010

home again, home again jiggity jig... at least for now.

After two looooong days of house hunting, we only found two houses that could seriously be considered and out of those two one is very small and in a poor school district and the other one is about the right size, in about the right location, in a good school district but it's ugly!!! None of the kids or I are particularly thrilled about the idea of living there. (Beth said "I don't want to live there, it's too run down" which I thought was a very adult thing for her to say).
I'm feeling rather depressed today. Daniel is pretty firm that he doesn't want to take another house hunting trip (it's pretty expensive, between food & gas) and I'm too exhausted and stressed out to be reasonable about it. A whole day with the kids in the van pretty much did me in. So it looks like, if our application is accepted, we will be moving the first of March. The kids are out of school for a week on some insane winter break, and they are crying because all the snow is melted and they hardly got a chance to play in it. Sorry kids, life is unfair. Suck it up and start packing.
If you pray - pray for me.

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