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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another day

It was another grey and rainy day. We spent most of the morning out doing errands. We did a little fun shopping too, which is, for me, one of the best parts of a move. I get all kinds of ideas about how to decorate and organize. I got some hampers for each of the kids rooms and some storage boxes and also a few more cute things for the kitchen. It is shocking how happy those little things make me feel.
We stopped by the goodwill. I was hoping to find some "vintage" fabric of some sort, such as curtians or a table cloth. I found a cute bedspread but by then the kids were ready to get out of there and I couldn't make up my mind quickly enough and so we walked out with some plastic plates and some children's books.
In the photo are a few of my finds today:
a Strawberry Shortcake plate, some plastic dinner plates, a cute tea towel (the image shows front and back) it came in a set of five. I love the colors! All of a sudden I'm crazy about teal. I have no idea why. It's never really been on my top five of colors until this year. I also bought another placemat. It's just like the red & yellow flower one except blue & teal. I'd meant to buy a third red placemat so that it would cover the table properly but when I saw the blue I just couldn't help myself. It ended up looking great all put together. So now whatever I had of a "theme" or color coordination has completely been wrecked. But whatever. One day I'll have coordinating dishes. One day I used to have a whole pile of coordinated stuff - from when Daniel and I got married. I had not only dishes but casserole dishes and sald & pepper shakers and it was so very boring.

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