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Monday, January 18, 2010

my kids and their silly sayings

Today Katie-Abigail said she wanted to have "a big family - four kids" because four is her favorite number. She stated it without hesitation or a shadow of doubt.
Emma said she wanted to have one kid and that she wanted her husband to stay at home while she worked. I asked her what job she would have and she said "a veterinarian" (Beth's favorite job) "or an art teacher, or a music teacher."
A couple days ago Emma surprised me by saying, totally out of the blue, that when she grew up she wanted to go to the mall every day. I calmly said "really?" but inside I was like "what?!!!!!" because I was SO not that kind of teenager, and neither was my husband, or really anyone that we know, so it's really funny to hear her say that kind of stuff.
Josiah is really getting to be quite the talker. One of his favorite things to say is "Cause why?" and another "I come with you", oh and "I watch a woo-wee" which means "movie" which meant that he probably wants to watch Toy Story. I have watched that one movie a hundred million freaking times. So much that I'm a tiny bit excited about the new Toy Story movie that's coming out, which my husband says is lame, but oh well. I laugh at Disney Channel TV and that's lame too. But that's just who I am ... for now.
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