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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my happy voice

Whenever my kid's attitudes start spiraling out of control I ask them to "use your happy voice" or put on their nice face. Thus the title for today's post. The photos above the post are of my youngest daughter Katie-Abigail who is SO expressive. I could probably cover an entire wall with photos I've taken of all her funny faces. But she has the best smile. Okay - all my kids have amazing smiles. They get it from me ;-)
I feel like I ought to make up for the inordinate amount of whining I have done on this blog recently, plus the sun has been out for two whole days and I am feeling in a better mood. I could never live in a place like New Hampshire or Washington where it's cloudy and rainy for whole months at a time. Much less Alaska.
So anyway - yesterday's attempt to clean out the garage was a success! Oh yeah, victory is sweet. I lined up all of our extra washers and driers along the wall with our actual working washer and drier (which is, yes, in the basement/garage) which worked great to put misc. junk and make it look neat. I also arranged the said misc. junk so that the kids could ride their little bikes/scooters etc. around in a circle which has worked out to be pretty awesome. So much so that when Emma got home from school yesterday she rode around in a circle for like an hour. Also I packed up a couple of boxes of books. Daniel and I are avid readers and we have tons of books, so that is aways the first task I start on when we have an impending move. Today my task is going to be cleaning out the kids rooms and packing up 90% of the toys that they don't use very often - mostly just so that the house will stay all that much cleaner.
Now, about Julie & Julia I've really enjoyed it. I'm not sure which it is that I love more, the book, or just having something to read. I'm already 3/4 of the way through with it! I don't think it would be a book to pack on vacation or anything like that, more like a book to read a little bit at a time. It feels a little monotonous at times. She drones on about the absolutely insane things she is cooking and I'm wondering why would you do that to yourself? and then there's a lot about the sex lives of her friends - the friend she has a long distance IM relationship with a married man, the friend who has a long distance relationship with someone in another country for whom she leaves her husband... it's kind of aside the point of the book and I really don't think it does anything but paint the backdrop for the really great - though normal with all the ups and downs of life - relationship she has with her husband. The movie though is fantastic. I loved it. And I'm really enjoying the book. Marianne - if you think you'd enjoy reading it let me know and I'll mail it to you when I'm done. That goes for you too Heather.
Okay, this wasn't exactly the cheery, gratitude-filled post I had intended to write. But it's time to go to the grocery store before we get too close to naptime.
So here are a few more photos of the flowers Daniel gave me for our anniversary! I've got TONS more.

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