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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grocery shopping. How do those homeschooling mothers of seven plus kids that I used to know ever get it done? I imgine they got to WalMart at midnight. I don't know. This was definitely not one of my {frugalicious} weeks, that's for sure.
It started off really well. Katie-Abigail looked like a fashion plate for Gap which was quite unintentional but nonetheless extrememly gratifying. Josiah was wearing his oh so cute Old Navy jacket that his Aunt Heather gave him at Christmas, so he was looking terribly cute too, which somewhat bolsters my confidence. Especially since I had to go to Target.
I like going to Target, it is warm and clean and there are a lot of cute and trendy people there with like one kid. They sip their Starbucks and look so put together and sometimes I just feel out of place. Plus they have the cutest plastic dinnerware!
Anyway, my morning started out at Publix, where I baught some Starbucks coffee for like $4.99 a bag (score!) I also bought some of the Tostitos bean dip that I just love (especially on a scrambled egg burrito, which is kind of weird, I know) Publix is doing this huge Tostitos promotion which put my little fifty-five cents off coupon to shame. They also had a big display with coupons like "$1 off one chip & one dip" and "buy two dips get one free", the same for chips. Here is what I think you should do. Take those coupons and use them at Kroger where they are doing $5 off 10 items and Tostitos are part of the promotions. That is one kick-ass {frugalicious} move. One, which I didn't make. Because I didn't plan much at all. They also have a coupon in the mailer for $3 off a box of diapers, in case you didn't know. I checked at a couple of other stores and if you're wondering if there is a better price somewhere else, there isn't. I didn't buy diapers there, thinking that they would be cheaper at Kroger, they usually are, except that Kroger doesn't accept competitors coupons. So I was pretty much screwed on that deal, but it's only three bucks. Not the end of the world.
Okay, so we finish at Publix and head to Target where I buy some spices for a soup I'm going to try to make later this week. I hardly ever buy spices. Daniel doesn't care for highly seasoned food. Plus I don't use a recipe very often when I cook so I usually mess things up with spices if I use something other than a mix. So I don't mess with them. I also bought a scarf. My first ever. For five dollars. (yay!) It's jersey knit and SO cozy, and purple. I saw the display this weekend but couldn't decide which one to buy - black? gray? not white because I look just awful in white. But still - too many choices. But when I got dressed today in my favorite purple tank top layered under a cozy gray knit shirt, I knew just which one to buy. It was the last one in the display. Maybe I'll photograph it tomorrow. I haven't bought a scarf all this time that they have been in fashion because I don't really know how to wear a scarf. My mom wore beautiful silk scarves to church in the nineties. She had pins for them and knew how to tie them in like twenty different ways. Sometimes she'd let me wear her bright st. Patrick's day green neckerchief, in which I probably looked terrible, but no more than usual. I was such a terrible dresser as a teen. Old fashioned but not vintage chic. Like fourteen year old in an old fashioned suit awful. So anyway. I bought the scarf and I love it.
I also bought Katie-Abigail a puzzle, because she is fantastic at putting together puzzles. I also got her little matchbox car. I got Josiah a little ball (which was a bad idea - because how can a boy just hold a ball nicely in his hands? no! a ball is to be thrown! yeah, a very bad idea). For a moment I felt a little pang of guilt. I'm really not the "If you'll just be good I'll buy you a toy" kind of mom. I'm more of an "if you don't stop that this instant I won't go by the cookie counter and get the free cookie and you'll get a ten minute time-out when you get home" kind of mom. It was kind of sweet though. Katie-Abigail, eating her free cookie and holding her race car. Which she'll loose before the end of the day. But she's already done her puzzle three times, she's just that good.
I also discovered yesterday that she is good at playing the piano. Everyone said she would be when she was born with those long fingers, but people said that about Beth and she really isn't. But yesterday I plugged in my keyboard that I keep set up in the garage for when a rare desire to go play hits me, and she sounded really really good. She was playing scales one finger at a time, just because they sounded good to her. Piano lessons - here we come!

So from Target we end our outing at Kroger. The kids get another cookie because I'm hoping that a slight sugar high will ward off the impending need to nap. Needless to say, it didn't work. Josiah can do a lot of awesome things, but apparently sitting in a gocery cart when he's tired isn't one of them. There was the tantrum in the pasta isle, the melt-down in the meat department, the five minutes we spent in the diaper isle holding him as he thrashed around screaming at me and trying to hit my face. In a moment of sheer desperation I remembered seeing something on Super Nanny and thought I'd give it a shot, seeing as nothing else was working. I stood him up in front of me, looked him strait in the eye and said calmly but firmly "I've had enough of your crying. That's enough." And he stopped! It was amazing. Of course he started back up again not five minutes later but at least we got out of the dipaer isle.
I have to say, the lady who took the grocery cart out to my van probably saved me from my own major breakdown. I mean, I'm sure you see crying kids at the grocery store all the time, but when was the last time you saw a crying mom? that was about to be me. But the smell of frozen meat balls and garlic bread cheered me up considerably. Needless to say, though I didn't feel up to major room organization and pretty much just snuggled with my kids all day, well that and blogged.
I have come to this realization. I really like food. I'm not really a foody because I'm too cheap, or um, frugal and Josiah insists on helping me prepare almost every meal, which is sweet, but makes even pancakes from a mix feel complicated. When I was a kid the one thing my parents didn't fight about was food. My mom made stroganoff and lasagnia and enchiladas and my dad made pncakes and created funky concoctions which we gave funny names like Mexican Roadkill Stirfry, when he overcooked the chicken and we all agreed it tasted like sun-baked iguana. He also made roast duck for one Thanksgiving. It was just like Turkey, only smaller. We made pancakes together every Saturday morning - the whole family in the kitchen together. Making pudding sauce, or maple syrup (we made our own using 2 cups brown sugar, one cup water and 1/2 teaspoon maple flavoring boiled in the microwave - now I think it's gross.) or pear puree. It was pretty awesome, actually. Now some of m favorite evenings are spent with a glass of Little Penguin Pinot Noir and a cookbook. I don't actually cook the things I read about, but it's more just the idea of cooking that is comforting and inspiring.
I've nearly finished Julie & Julia and I take back what I wrote earlier. I love it. I love how honest she is about herself and her fits of hysteria, and hr awesomly helpful, yet grumbling sarcastic husband. I really like the idea of doing these grand, complicated dishes and creating amazing food. I don't think I will ever try cooking French food, but I admire the gumption it takes to cook really complicated food. Food is so essential to our existence, which is why it's so dishartening(not to mention constipating) to eat crap night after night. Reading this book as also, obviously, made me feel more wordy.

photo is of AMAZING brownies blogged about here

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