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Thursday, January 14, 2010


This morning I was kicking up leaves looking around my yard for something to photograph other than those pretty brown dead flowers and the trees. That was when I noticed some little evergreens and they made me think about endurance. It takes endurance to get through tough spots in your life, and perseverance. Just like those evergreens, holding out through winter.
green - when everything else is brown
ready to fly
delicate, ordinary
This one reminds me of the song "Bad Days Better" Here's a link to the site, it's song #10 on the list, if you've got time, check out "Holiday" too, it's another of my favorites!

On a side note - here is my breakfast this morning. Scrambled eggs, buttered toast and a clementine. I'm just gaga for clementines! They are so easy to peel and are practically seedless. I vastly prefer them to the tangerines I bought a couple weeks ago. You can plan on seeing many more photos of clementines to come!!

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