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Monday, January 25, 2010

at least it's sunny!

I just spend the last half hour making muffins, which turned out to be a total, and complete waste of energy because a) I was making them with the "I hep you!" two year old and b) I forgot to put any baking powder in them, or any leavening of any kind. They were the weirdest little suckers. But with some butter and sugar my kiddies ate them anyway.
The thing about lazy weekends, where you spend all day in your jammies, watching movies, is that when Monday morning rolls around your kids really do not want to go to school. They were complaining about sore throats and headaches. I gave them a Tylenol and cough drop and said "You're going to school." I gave them the cough drops because in my heart I kinda' wanted to let them stay home, but it would have, in all likelihood, gone very badly. Because, after all, the right thing to do is the right thing to do. So my kids tramped out to the bus and will, in all likelihood, have a really great day.
unlike me.
If you've been following my blogs for very long you will know by now that I go in a cyclical pattern with my housekeeping: Everything is in utter chaos and I feel utterly overwhelmed. I get completely exasperated with my situation and have a whirlwind day of cleaning things up and am gloriously self-satisfied. For about a week. Or a day. Or whatever. Then something happens, like I get sick, or I just don't do the dishes over the weekend, or something like that, and then the downward spiral begins. The kitchen is a disaster, the kids rooms - well, they are just always a mess no matter what I do - the laundry is done on an as-needed basis and left in a heap on our "extra" couch. I get overwhelmed and depressed and we descend back into utter chaos.
We are right on the brink of glorious victory. I hope.
Which leads me to another topic. In all probability, we will be moving. Approximately 178 miles away to the metro Augusta area, which is right on the border of Georgia and South Carolina. My husband has been made a great offer to open a new branch there for the pest control company he works for. We haven't told the kids yet because not all of the plans have been finalized and we are still not certain of the start-date. They're going to hate the idea of it. t is a great opportunity. I just keep on telling myself that over and over and hoping for the best. I'm not someone who likes change. When we bought this house three years ago we contemplated the prospect of never moving again. ever. But then the economy crashed and these days you take work where you can get it, even if that means moving. So now I've got a family of six to move.
It's crazy how much crap we have managed to accumulate in the last three years. Our garage looks like some freaking corner of a thrift store. We've got an extra dining room table, that is slightly moldy and has permanent marker stains which I thought I was going to get around to re-finishing. Also a few odd chairs, one of which is completely broken. We've got a loveseat, that our flea-infested dog used for a couple of months before she ran away last year. We've got a really cute dresser, a really not-cute pair of mattresses that got damp when our basement flooded and are probably some kind of health hazard by now. We also have an extra washing machine that leaks and bumps something fearful, and two - count 'em two - extra dryers. One of which needs a new belt, or something. All of this junk must be somehow or other gotten rid of, hopefully sold so I can re-start my furniture fund for when my kids have outgrown the draw-on-things-with-a-permanent-maker phase.
Well, I guess I had better get to it.
p.s. thanks for the comment. that really made my day

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Marianne said...

I'll be praying for you and your family, Faith. :-)