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Friday, December 11, 2009

hello again

I'm sorry. I've been such a terrible blog friend lately. Don't worry, it's not you. I've been a pretty crappy friend to everybody lately. It's been one personal crisis after another and I've totally lacked the time and motivation to blog about it.
However I watched Julie & Julia last night and it really made me want to get back on the blogging bandwagon. It is so nice to know that your life experiences are somehow, in someway lifting up someone else somewhere far away.
Watching that movie made me want to take cookie classes or cook my way through a cookbook! So this morning I made cinnamon rolls from scratch (with the assistance of my bread machine) which were heavenly. I wish I could make food that is that good all of the time! I can make a great grilled cheese sandwich, and wonderful rolls and pretty good fudge and that's about it. I'm not big into following recipes or trying to make the same non-staple food more than once. But there's something good for the soul in creating a masterpiece in the kitchen.
My husband and I talked about becoming vegetarian last night. When we married I was vegan and ate mostly raw fruits & vegetables. I have thought it would be cool to do one of those raw vegan diets for a limited period of time. It would expose your family to a lot of new things, for sure! We haven't made up our minds yet or anything, it just sounds like a fun thing to try - is that just a little bit crazy?

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