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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things that make me happy

My little boy when he says "thank you Mommy" it just melts my heart!
Hot Cocoa from my new uber-awesome Keurig coffee maker that Daniel bought for me, just because he hope it would make my day.
Whipped Strawberry Yogurt (the yopliait vanilla flavor also rocks!)
Dancing with the Stars - lame, I know. But it really makes me happy!
Hugs from my sweet little girls, and laughing with them.
Praying and feeling God's love and peace fill me.
Reading "Where the Wild Things Are" to Josiah for the hundredth time and feeling him snuggled close. I want to hang onto these moments forever.
Playing outside with my kids in the golden fall sunshine!
Waking up to realize that no kids climbed into bed during the night.
A hot bath and a good book.

Emma helped me make dinner on Sunday night - it was just one of those clean out the pantry kind of nights. Just Tuna Toasties, creamed corn and cranberry jelly sauce. Emma said that these kinds of meals with lots of good food make her feel like God is close.

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