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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Day-after Thanksgiving!

Yesterday Daniel decided that he was going to shave his head. He took his beard trimmer and all the kids outside and said "have at it". I grabbed my camera an said "this is going to be good!" I don't have the heart to post even half of the pics I got - he looked absolutely horrible! But only for a few minutes. I love Josiah's concerned look in the photo above! I loved Beth's expression as she shaved Daniel's head. She is such a "Daddy's girl" and she loves to take care of him.
Daniel kept his head shaved when Katie-Abigail was a baby, so this isn't a first for me. In fact I kinda think it's sexy. The kids were totally shocked! Beth almost cried when she saw Daniel's bald head. For Daniel, it's just a practical issue of his hair growing so fast that he needs to get a hair cut every couple weeks and h doesn't like the flat buzzed off look which is pretty much all I can do to his hair.
I put a Christmas thread into my Pandora music player. Right now I'm enjoying some MercyMe Christmas music - gotta love it! I really like Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong album too.
We put our little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree up. Our tree has been with us every Christmas since Daniel and I celebrated our first Christmas together - broke, with a brand new baby. It's the one thing that we have that we've had from the beginning. I love the memories attached to it. One year I hope we can have a nice tall real Christmas tree, one year when we don't have a toddler probably! This year I bought a new set of ornaments for it, they're bright and sparkly pink & blue and green & orange. Oh well, it's festive anyway!
Thought y'all would enjoy this sweet pic of three of my four munchkins. All snuggled up in their foot jammies for these chilly nights!

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