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Friday, October 23, 2009

A letter from Samuel Rutherford

Today I've been cleaning - a little bit here and a little bit there. I was packing up some books and cracked open "The Letters of Samuel Rutherford" I remember when Daniel and I were courting he would sometimes read to me from this book. I opened to a letter and read it and it spoke volumes to me, so I thought I'd put a few quotes here:

"Time cannot change Him in his love. You may yourself ebb and flow,
rise and fall, wax and wane; but your Lord is this day as He was yesterday. And
it is your comfort that your salvation is not rolled upon wheels of your own
making, neither have you to do with a Christ of your own shaping.

God has singled out a Mediator (Psalm 89:19), strong and mighty: if you
and your burdens were as heavy as ten hills or hells, He is able to bear you and
save you to the uttermost. Your often seeking Him cannot make you a burden to
Him. I know that Christ has compassion on you, and moans for you, in all your
lows and sadness; but it is good for you that He hides Himself sometimes. It is
not dryness or coldness of love that causes Christ to withdraw and slip in
behind a curtain and a veil, so that you cannot see Him; but He knows that you
could not bear with a fair gale, a full moon and a high tide of His felt love,
and always a fair summer-day and a summer-sun of a felt and possessed and
embracing Lord Jesus. He could not let out His rivers of love upon His own, but
these rivers would be in hazard of loosening a young plant at the root; and He
knows this of you. You should, therefore, first seek the fullness of
Christ's kindness, till you and He be above sun and moon. That is the country
where you will be enlarged for that love which you can not now

Cast the burden of your sweet babes upon Christ and lighten your heart
by laying your all upon Him: He will be their God. I hope to see you up the
mountain yet, and glad in the salvation of God. Frame yourself for Christ and
gloom not upon His cross. I find Him so sweet, that my love, suppose I would
charge it to remove from Christ, would not obey me: His love has stronger
fingers than to let go its grips of us children, who cannot go but by such a
hold as Christ."

I hope that this blesses you as it did me!

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eakers said...

Wow!! That is powerful..I needed that too!