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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WOW. I'm so many days behind posting my 365 shots! So here is a quick catch-up post.
Today's 365 shot. Waiting for the bus and in a hurry to get to work. With an ever-awesome SpecialK Protein bar and coffee!!

Monday's 365 shot. I drew on Emma & K-A's fingers. It made them SO happy!!

Sunday's 265 shot. A quick self-portrait.

I don't really have a shot from Saturday - I worked all day and came home and cleaned the house. I actually took this on Sunday but it'll work as Saturday's 365.

Friday's 365 shot - in love with the protein bar! This is the Special K strawberry & white chocolate. It has really done the trick to fill me up. A little adictive though.

Another cute photo from Thursday - Emma is doing her spelling words homework dressed up in her dress-up clothes! So sweet (maybe I'll process this and re-post next week)

"Time Out"
I've started teaching Josiah how to take a time out. It's a time consuming process but it's been worth it. When I took this picture I was struck by how grimy the wall is there and how it reflects how I feel about my life right now - not even close to picture perfect.
One last photo (from Sunday)

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