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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Project 365

So doing 365 projects are SO trendy on Flickr at the moment. Tonight I've been browsing through some of the many groups on Flickr and thought I'd post some links to the ones I've liked best. This is for you Heather!

So I really like this idea! Check out her whole stream she's done some really neat SPs
I am happy that I found her stream a lot of her stream is that dreamy soft warm polaroid stuff. Love it!
This is a neat stream. There's a lot of ordinary/photobooth pictures cluttering up the stream but there are also some knock your socks off amazing ones too!
This one is inspiring too!
This is a very cool shot
This is really nice too sort of photo-impressionistic
This is SUCH a cool idea!!
Viewing all these photos I feel increadibly insignificant and really notice what an amature photographer I really am. I know I've come a long ways since I started my Flickr account but I have SO much more to learn.

Here is a group: Theme of the Week and another What The Fluff that I joined tonight!


Heather said...

ha- thanks Faith!

Rachel Carter said...

Thanks for linking one of my photos! (Mrsraggle)

I started out feeling like you do - insignificant, but a year on I'm happy with the selfies I take! They're one of the toughest things to do considering you can't look through the viewfinder to take the photo!