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Monday, August 10, 2009

another day in hot-lanta and a bunch of "macro" shots

It's another 90+ degree day here in the ATL without a/c at home. We are living on popsicles and ice water, cold showers and mini-fans.

It's also week #2 of school for my big girls and is the second day we've managed to miss the bus. This time I was able to get everybody in the van quickly and catch the bus on it's way out of our neighborhood. I just have to laugh at myself about this one and set my alarm.

We've spent a little more time outside recently - especially since my husband did a mosquito treatment on the yard (it immediately took care of our very bad mosquito problem!!! If you haven't had one done you really need to try it!) so I've been taking more photos outside (sweet!) and have taken some nice nature shots.


On Friday I found these beautiful little yellow sweet pea plants growing by the driveway so I got out my camera and put a little macro filter on it so I could get a good close-up shot. I also got a nice photo of some white weedy flower that are growing in our yard.

While I had the macro filter on my camera I got a kick-ass shot of the roly-poly that Katie-Abigail was playing with.

She had named it "Tickles" and was trying to convince me that she should be allowed to keep it as a pet in her room.

This is Tutman - taken with the macro filter
This is Tutman - taken without the filter.
Saturday was K-A's 4th birthday!! She was an awesome birthday girl - sharing and just generally enjoying her special day. She walked around with a big grin on her face for pretty much the entire day! I haven't even looked at the few photographs I took on that day. My sister in-law took a nice photo on that day of K-A with her cake! She also blogged it for her photo-of-the-day project.

Sunday we spent the afternoon at the lake with friends. I really wish I'd had my camera because the kids all had SO much fun together! I go into MoM mode whenever my kids are around water since they are all so little and none of them are good swimmers yet.

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Heather said...

I really like that one of the white weedy flower! Also, I don't know if you all are able to, but you're welcome any day to spend some time down here to escape the heat.
On another note, I'm thinking I might need to invest in a macro filter. Those were some cool shots you got with it!