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Monday, June 1, 2009

some super-awesome coupon combos

Hello there - are you ready for some super-awesome coupon combinations?!
I cam going to buy two packages of Kraft American Singles and two packages of Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat and I'll save $5 in coupons using:
$1 off (2) Kraft Cheese slices Kroger coupon from direct-mailer
$1 off (2) Oscar Mayer lunchmeat Kroger coupon from direct mailer
$1 off (2) Oscar Mayer lunchmeat manufacturers coupon from newspaper
$1 off buy one Oscar Mayer lunchmeat and one kraft cheese slices from
$1 off (2) Kraft Cheese slices from
I'll buy two Suddenly Salad pasta mixes and save $2.50
$0.35 from
$0.35 from
$0.40 from
+ $0.40 Kroger double coupon
$0.50 manufacturer's coupon from newspaper
+ $0.50 Kroger double coupon
I'll buy two packages of yoplait Gogurt and save $3.15
$0.75 on (2) manufacturer's coupon from newspaper
$0.80 on (2) from
$0.40 on (1) from
+ $0.40 Kroger double coupon
$0.80 on(2) from
Feel free to leave your latest grocery store victories as a comment! :-)
My total coupon savings this trip: $16.75
My total grocery bill $60.02

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