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Friday, May 8, 2009

a wee little bit of procrastination

Yesterday was my second ballet recital for Jamie's Petite Ballerinas! It went 100% better this time! You can see the full set of last week's ballerina's by clicking here. After the recital Jamie, her assistant Jordan and I went out to a nearby field and I photographed them as the sun was going down. It was very challenging - getting a good sunflare has never been more difficult for me - but it was very rewarding! It was SO much fun playing with Jamie and it was awesome looking through the photos afterwards. I put a bunch of unprocessed ones on Facebook here's the link. (seriously - go check it out!)
I woke up this morning to find tiny little ants crawling in and out around all the dirty dishes on my countertop so I have been cleaning up a fury. I've been meaning to get around to it but there have always been other things that seemed more urgent (or - let's be honest - more interesting) so it feels really good to be getting this done!
So I have like 300 photos to process, prints to order & mail, my mom's mother's day gift to make, a kitchen floor to mop and yet here I am, blogging! Oh well.
This is what I sat down to blog about: I've been trying to loose those post-nursing pounds I gained since last summer. Last week I weighted 127lbs and my goal was to loose one pound a week consistently until I got back down to 120. Well, today I weighed 124! Here are a couple things I've been doing: cycling at the gym a little more often (I've gone twice this week for about 25 minutes) eating 1/2 a sandwich instead of a whole one (calories saved: about 80) eating a small bowl of honey nut Cheerios instead of a big bowl of frosted shredded wheat (calories saved: about 100) eating Fiber One 80 calorie yogurt (calories saved: about 30) I've also stopped eating ice cream at night. Daniel's been buying these klondike bars that have SEVENTEEN grams of fat in them. A couple of times I've eaten one of those frozen fruit tubes (you can find them with the flavored apple sauces) which are fat free!! I've not been 100% good, though. We went out to eat at Hardees this week. We had a buy one thickburger get one free. So I ate a thickburger - it was SO good - then I checked the nutrition information on the wall by the bathrooms - it had 64 grams of fat! eeeew! (Daniel's monster thickburger had like 107 grams of fat!) If I'd gotten the BBQ Chicken sandwich that would be only 6 grams of fat :(
Okay - back to work!

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