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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day - it was all around a pretty difficult day for my family since it was the first mother's day since my brother's death. I am still surprised by how painful these moments are, and while the grief is not as constant it is still very real and very near.

The hightlight of my day was a card I got from Beth. She used HUGE construction paper at school and in her usual matter-of-fact way she wrote on the front "My Mother's Day Card" This is what she wrote inside: I love my mom becayse she is a big purple flower. My mom could sing high up in a tree. I love her "efenety" (translation: infinity). My mom is great! She has beautiful hair. She's a "fantasteck" mom.

I love it!

This afternoon I register to take the GED and take the test on Sat. (yikes! I'm SO nervous!)

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