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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my kiddos

Katie-Abigail has been unwell this week - thus the lack of pics of her. She had a fever all weekend, took her to the Dr. on Monday and she tested positive for strep. So all of our plans for the week went out the window and we are hanging out in Jammies watching movies.
We played dress-up one night and I let the girls have the body glitter that Aunt Heather gave us all those months ago. We bring it out now and then and I almost always take photos of them - they are just too cute! Last time I took this picture of Emma.
On Sunday I came in to say goodnight to Beth and found her using her Daddy's kindle reader light to help her write her plan for the week.

Now I'm struggling with the Blockbuster Online movie rental downloads trying to download "Another Cinderella Story" for the girls to watch this afternoon. MovieLink used to be SO easy to use. (sigh) I'm off to re-start my computer now.

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Marianne said...

Goodness, Faith! They're growing up so fast!!!