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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YAY Kiddos!

Today Beth & Emma participated in their school's Boosterthon fun run to raise money for their school. I was not super-excited about taking the two little ones out twice and spending nearly all day at their school but we ended up having a blast! Both of the girls managed to get through the 30 minute fun run. I was a little bit worried that they were going to be asked to run the entire time but they didn't - instead they had walking laps and high-five laps and buddy laps and skipping laps (I think that was Emma's favorite). My girls participated in this activity in with totally different attitudes my go-getter Beth was very scheduled with her water consumption, every five laps she'd head to the water-table get her cup full of water and walk quickly while she drank it only to break back into a run. Emma spent most of the time sipping water and walking around the track a little bit absentmindedly.

I only had my cell-phone camera with me during Beth's fun run so this is the only pic I have that you can really see what's going on. During both of the races we were dressed completely inappropiately. During Beth's fun run we were shivering cold. So I took the kids home bundled them up an at Emma's fun run we were pulling layers off! So crazy! I brought my camera to Emma's funrun - along with dozens of other parents, it was crazy to see the difference parent turnout between 1st graders an Kindergarteners! There were maybe a dozen 1st grader parents but there were probably four times as many kindergarner parents. It was SO much fun! They played great music, really loud. There was a lot of energy and excitement! I really enjoyed being there.

In the middle of all the loud music Josiah managed to fall asleep!

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