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Monday, March 2, 2009

a new day, a new week

Good morning! I've been off of the computer all weekend. My computer's Internet connection was on the fritz and so on Friday night I kept my computer shut off all night in protest! ha!

So today is the most Monday-ish sort of Monday. My kitchen desperately needs attention, despite the fact that we ate fast food almost all weekend - hmmm. I've got grocery shopping to do. Laundry is spilling out from every crack and crevice of the laundry area and the Living Room looks like a hurricane came through. K-A is watching SuperWhy on TV so I've got just a moment before the crazy day starts.

Friday was Daniel's last day of work - he got laid off. But thankfully he started his new job this morning! That is like a miracle in this economy and in his industry. Hs new job required that he shave off his goatee. He's had facial hair for at least three years so this is a big change. When he came home on Thursday night (when he shaved it off) it was like a different younger person coming home to me! That night we watched "My Best Friend's Girl" it was crazy, and I laughed SO hard, but it was like listening to someone talk about sex for an entire hour!

On Sunday we had SNOW! It came down in huge flakes and my kids went crazy! It only stuck around for a couple of hours and I didn't take even one photo of it (boo hoo) I am SO ready for spring to be here!! I snuggled down on the couch to read my book and fell asleep! Oh well.

Josiah has been nothing short of adorable recently. He's starting to talk more and more. He started saying "what's-up?" I sounds more like "s'up?" it's SO cute! He also has started talking to strangers more and asking to be held by my friends. He waves to everyone we meet and says "hi!" or "bye" depending on if we're heading in or out of a store. He's also into reading now. He brings me books - usually the same one to read over and over. I LOVE IT!! Beth was the same way. Emma & K-A are not too big into reading. I have to practically beg Emma to sit with me to read more than one story at a time. So I'm just loving Josiah's love for reading.

I've got some cute pictures to share from last week but I'll probably post them tonight. Happy Monday!!

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