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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Group of 12 #3

American Idol was SO BORING for me tonight. Good grief, it was like the Oscars - one performance and like ten commrercials! Howver I LOVED Scott and Lil was really a knock-out and while I'd really love for Felicia to make it through and Kendall was adoreable but they probably won't make it. I also actually like Kristen's style & personality but I really wasn't sold on her performace. As strange as this sounds I'd really like to see more of Nathaniel - I couldn't believe how he worked his song and changed up the tempo! Though I think of him every time I see Josiah wearing his sister's headbands and have a little panic attack. (lol - I'll have to take a pic of that sometime) By the way, you can see video clips of performances on the American Idol site - how cool is that? So anyway I guess my top three this week would be Scott, Lil & Nathaniel and my #4 would be Jorge.
Update: Given a little time & thouight I hope that Kendall is the #3 tonight!
Oh and did you know- Dancing with the Stars starts again? I'm such a sucker for this kind of thing!
These pics from last week seem so appropriate for this post! They're of my two littlest kiddos having a screaching contest with the Hannah Montana microphone that Beth got for Christmas! They are really SO adoreable. Josiah will even sing along with some of the songs from High School Musical

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