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Friday, February 20, 2009

a little more rambling

I know you must be sick of my rambling. You're probably checking my blog and thinking "when is she just going to post some more photos?!" Don't worry I have TONS of photos to share but most of them are sitting on my hard drive waiting to be edited. But here are a couple from my trip to my sister's that I meant to post earlier.

Last night I went out to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" it was just okay. It was one of those movies for a night when you're all alone, at home making love to a big bowl of ice cream. I was the only person in watching it which felt really weird. It wasn't a bad movie, though it should get some kind of award for worst costume design and lame script writing. But the two main charicters were really awesome and the ending gave me goosebumps!

Today was the last day of school break and while I wish there was another week of break ahead I think my kids are really ready for school to start and to be back on their regular schedule. Today we went to the mall for the morning - am I the only woman who goes to the mall with cash in her pocket, spends three hours at the mall and doesn't buy a thing? I am just proud of myself for going to the mall with all four kids without another adult to help out and survived! We even did lunch in the food court! Yeah, that bit was a little stressful but we made it through without any catestrophic messes so I'm happy.

Tomorrow I work at the consignment store so the kids will have the whole day with their daddy. That'll be good for them. It's so nice that they get time to just be with their dad, I think it's a good dynamic.

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