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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second 12 of 26

So I just can't help myself, this is my first year watching the show and I just have to blog about American Idol! So here is my twitter-style live blog from tonight's American Idol show.

Jasmine - love the song, cool interpretation, not such a great performance.
Matt - love this song too! Not his best performance. yikes.
ugh! not more commercials!
Janine - oh my goodness she is slaughtering this song!
Nick - sorry I just don't get him. Never did.
Alison - really good till the chorus. finally someone who can sing.
Kris - okay can I just say he's too cute - I wasn't crazy about that song but I'd love to see what else he can bring.
Megan - she looks like Taylor Swift. What's up with that? She sounds SO nervous and looks a bit awkward but the judges love her. We'll see!
Matt B. - WOW his voice! Boring performance though.
Jesse - amazing start, not awesome. I'd love to see more of her.
Kai - he can definitely sing. Not crazy about his song. I've never really been into him, this doesn't change me mind.
okay - so the preview for "duplicity" is seriously funny
Mishavonna - LOVE HER!!! Definitely my favorite on this episode.
Adam - most interesting performance tonight but I'm not really into him. Okay they just compared him to Edward Cullen from Twilight - yeah he's going through.
Here's my top three: Kris, Jesse & Mishavonna. Allison would be my #4
Well that's it folks!

Update: Allison Kris & Adam made it to the final three!

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Marianne said...

I was totally "meh..." about all of the performances last night.