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Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend pics

I was going to post pictures over the weekend, honestly I was. But I was feeling very I-want-to-crawl-under-a-rock-ish and stayed away from the computer. I got my kitchen halfway clean and feel a little better. I also planned out meals & chores etc.

This is the clean half of my kitchen! :-) (see my pretty bowls?!!) yay for clean kitchens!! by you.

I finished up with that and went to tell Daniel that it was time for J's nap and they were already asleep!! How sweet!

D & J resting on Sat afternoon by you.

Here's my photo from Saturday - which still needs some touch up work but I'm not quite sure yet what I'm going to do to it so here it is strait out of the camera:

the result of having girlies by you.

I call it "the result of having girlies"

Katie-Abigail and I had a nice hot cup of cocoa today with a million (more or less) marshmallows.
Would you like a little cocoa with your marshmallows? by you.

Last but not least here is my re-touched version of my photo of Emma from Thursday!! Love it!

Emma by the door - edited by you.

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