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Friday, January 16, 2009

photo of the day - unbreakable bowls

8/365 by you.

Here's the photo of the day. Certainly not anything amazing, but anyway... My goal is to replace my dishes with the new plastic unbreakable dishes. I really like my big stoneware dishes but it makes it more difficult to let my girls help me with setting the table etc. So I think it's going to be quite mismatched for awhile. I just really wanted to get the floral & butterfly bowls at Target before they sold out. I really like them. I also got the floral salad plate and blue polka dot plate. It's so much fun! So hopefully soon I'll be able to help my girls be more consistant with helping me set the table and empty the dishwasher with these lightweight dishes.

While we were out at Target Katie-Abigail had the biggest meltdown ever. I was "the mom" with the screaming kid who just won't stop, sputtering at the check out counter. I'm trying to pay and make sure that Josiah doesn't jump out of the cart and then my cell phone rings! So I'm exhausted. I just kept trying to remind myself that a good mom is not the mom whose kids never act out the good mom is the mom that remains calm and consistant when her kids go crazy. Today was that day and I'm totally exhausted!

Oh and by the way, the memorial service for my littler brother, Ian, is on Monday so please if you think of us pray for us on that day.

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