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Thursday, January 15, 2009


On Monday I was at Revive Consignment to pick up my paycheck with K-A & Josiah in tow. While we were there I tried on some tops and when we were done I said "Okay, Mommy's done. Now let's go get a cookie and then pay." (They have free cookies at Revive and if Katie-A stays close to me I let her have one right before I head to the check-out counter) So Katie-Abigail flings open the curtain to the dressing room and says "It's showtime!"

Then today I was taking some photographs of Katie-Abigail with my macro filter on my camera (which is very difficult and I don't recommend it) and she said "make it talk" whenever she saw her picture. So I'd say "oh, the camera says there's not enough light." and she'd giggle I'd modify the setting on my camera and take another picture. K-A would say "what does the camera say now?" and I'd say "the camera says your hair is in your face" so we fixed her hair and then I took another picture and said "oh, the camera says you're so beautiful!" and she said "oooh, thank you camera! I'm going to give you a kiss!" and she kissed my camera, right in the lense. You could see a little lips mark on it. It was totally cute, but I had to clean my camera.

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a suburban housewife said...

Love those ruby-red lips!!