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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today I am thankful
for hubby-hugs this morning
for accessories that make a drab outfit feel fabulous
and purple glimmery-shimmery eyeshadow
for Bethypoo smiles
and Emmabear hugs
for friends who were willing to come out on this foggy cold day to attempt a play date
for public libraries and colorful storybooks
for my mother who called just because I'm her daughter, just because she loves me!
for hot (homemade!) soup to warm my hands
for baby boy cuddles
and little girl giggles
for Decaf Verona coffee ("my favorite and my best")
for a little bit of quiet time in my crazy day - and intermission between act 1 & 2 of Katie-Abigail's energetic day today!
for peace during a difficult time
for bubble baths
and a book to read while I thaw
for beautiful music
and pretty-smelly candles
for love that's never ending even when it's misunderstood
and you!