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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a brighter day

I got up this morning tired and sad, wishing I could hide under the covers and sleep the day away but today has been a brighter day. This afternon Daniel came home from work for a bit bringing lunch and we watched the innaguration of Barak Obama. It was really special to be together for that moment. It's Daniel's and my eighth wedding anniversary - eight years ago today we were married at the First Baptist Church in Tyrone, Georgia. It snowed on our wedding day! My bridesmaids and I were freezing cold for the photographs at the church doors. Eight years, seven homes, five dogs and four kids later I can honestly say that we are still happily married This past year has been one of the more difficult years for Daniel and I but we both feel like we've turned a corner in our relationship and are looking forward to a good year ahead. We've been through so much - poor health, financial crisis, betrayal by church leaders, moving from Georgia to Montana and back to Georgia again in a span of about six months, unemployment, depression, back injuries, family drama we've seen a lot. But we'e also seen a lot of great times too, happy times with our family and friends. Happy times uaually involving coffee or babies. Sharing this much of my life with one person is a crazy thing but I treasure Daniel's friendship and hope that these next eight years will be way better than the first.



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Heather said...

That first picture looks very familiar :)
Congratulations, Faith. Just knowing a lot of what you all have been through together in the past eight years, good and bad, and seeing how you obviously love each other so much makes me excited about each year to come for Mark and me too. I hope this next year is the best one you all have ever had. Love you!