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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Tonight I set out to wrap gifts - for the second time, actually. I was going to wrap on Friday but discovered that the kiddos had completely used up my tape! But tonight I ran out of wrapping paper about 1/3 of the way into it. This is truly my most disorganized unprepared Christmas ever!
Every year, or I should say every year recently or like at least the last couple of years, every year it's the same. Around October, or even as early as August, I start to dream about Christmas. Usually it's somewhat elaborate and completely unattainable for me. I think about the Christmas portrait (which ends up being a snapshot of the fam on my MIL's couch) I think about the homemade Christmas cards I'm really really going to made and send out this year (we have never actually ever sent out Christmas cards ever as a married couple) and the homemade cookies and I dream about having a real live Christmas tree this year(which would most likely get completely destroyed by my very active one year old boy) and I start on the home-made Christmas gifts. I also say, over and over to myself, this year I'm going to keep it simple. But my husband doesn't really start thinking about Christmas until about two weeks beforehand. So this is what happens - I have this idea of getting one maybe two gifts for each of the children and then Daniel starts shopping and I have a huge pile of presents to wrap. sigh. Maybe next year Daniel and I will do our Christmas shopping together - that might be nice. The scarves are nearly done though! yay! I also bought some board games for the kids "Candy Land" and "Chutes and Ladders" I enjoyed playing Candy Land with my best friend as a little girl and I think it'll be really great, especially during the Christmas break where you tend to hear "I'm bored!" like every ten minutes that the TV is off.
To tell you the truth I'm really ready for Christmas to be over now. I want it to be the New Year! I'm already working on my list of resolutions for the new year. Daniel doesn't do that kind of thing but I love it. One of my resolutions is to eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal. My kids love fruit and I usually end up eating a quarter of an apple and a couple of grapes here or there. Recently I've been tragically behind in the fruit/veggie department - something I want to make right. I might to the green smoothie thing again - that was fun. The other day I was cutting up oranges for the little kiddos at lunch time and it hit me just how much I love the smell of oranges. I love the smell they leave on my hands. I'm not usually a citrus-y kind of gal. I go for floral nine times out of time (except for the Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon soap!) So it kind of surprised me.
Another thing I want to work at it is ORGANIZATION. Organization is, for me, what dieting is for other women. I try hard, for like a week, and then fall off the wagon. I am so bad at maintaining a routine that will keep everything tidy. For as long as I've been blogging I've been whining about this! My house is just about 100% disorganized at the moment. I did tackle the girl's rooms and got their toys all organized. But then the weekend happened and I think we're going to have to do it all over again on Monday! At least we purged some of the broken and cheap toys that never get played with. We also filled a bin with "toys on vacation" that's what my mom called the toys that got put away for awhile and would come out in a few months. I only let them keep one big stuffed animal and one doll and only enough little toys to fill one tote that they got at a cousin's birthday party and has their names on them. That helps a little anyway.
Oh and my nose piercing is super infected. I had to cut up a bandaid to just to keep the stud from going back into my nose. eeeeew!! I can't wait for it do be fully healed and fabulous again. I feel so self-conscious with it all red and gross and I look at my face in the mirror and fuss at my nose saying "this was supposed to make me feel more beautiful! not ugly!"But that's another story :-) I wonder what my parents are going to say when I see them this week? hmmm. Probably nothing! Okay. I guess I've eaten way too many Christmas chocolates now. ha!
Merry Christmas!

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