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Friday, November 28, 2008

thinkin' about it a little bit more

Today I went into the body piercing shop and looked at the nose rings. I wasn't crazy about the two options the guy showed me and it looks like it will really hurt when I get it put in, so... I'm thinking about it a little bit more. Daniel said "You should totally get it done on Saturday" but I don't think I've got the nerve just yet. I don't know. We'll see.

Today I also went to see the movie "Bolt". It was awesome! A lot like "Meet the Robinsons" but funnier. The hamster totally made the movie for me. Daniel & I dropped the littlest two off at my mom's house and went to see the movie with the oldest two plus Daniel's mom, sister & niece. So it was fun. Beth sang along with the ending song - it was so cute! It was so much fun to go see a movie as a family. Daniel & I used to go out to movies all of the time - up until Katie-Abigail was born - so it was fun to do that again.

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Anonymous said...


I have my nose pierced, and it's really not bad. It feels like a pinch when it's done, and it might make you sneeze because it kind of stings. But, then it heals easily and looks adorable. I think you should take the plunge!