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Sunday, October 26, 2008

life is good

I am, generally speaking, so very happy with my life right now. Life has slowed down a lot with the girls at school and I enjoy my two "babies" at home very much. There have been so many days that I just smile to myself because even though everything isn't perfect life is just good.

Tonight my kiddos and I took a walk around the subdivision and we were choosing new names for ourselves - it was so much fun. During the course of the walk of course my girls changed their minds a couple of times (we are girls after all!) Katie-Abigail was, well it's taught to spell the name she came up with. It's a shortened version of her middle name "Elise" without the "eh" at the beginning, well say "Lisse" that was when Emma wanted to be called by her middle name "Alyssa" but then Emma changed her mind and wanted to be called "Belle" (sigh) at which point Katie-Abigail decided that her name should be "Cinderella". It was so silly! I'm saying "Belle don't walk so far ahead" and "Cinderella, get out of the middle of the street!" ha! I, of course, was "Ann" that's my middle name and a name I identify with much more than my first name and my rather boring name of choice for any occasion with the girls when my real name simply won't do. Then Beth decided, after a long and heated debate with Mommy, that she would be "Betsy". She was so thrilled with her new pretend name. That lead us to a discussion of Betsy Ross and when we got home we looked up the Betsy Ross flag on the Internet. So that was cool. It was fun calling each other by our "new" names and laughing and being silly. These kinds of walks don't happen very often so I treasure them (and write blog posts about them!) when they do.

I have started saving for our very first trip to Michigan. I told the girls about it this evening, how I'm planing for us to drive to my Great-Grandparent's little cottage on the lake and we'll swim every day in the lake. I was expecting them to be excited but they actually both cried! It's going to be our very first real trip since Emma has been born so it was just too unknown of an idea for them, I guess. They asked a hundred questions like will I be able to watch kid shown on their TV and will there be strangers living in the house and will we fly in an airplane and will I be able to bring stuffed toys and blankies and how will I get dressed and how long will it take to Michigan? Days and days? I'm excited about this and I really really hope it works out for this summer.

I got my hair cut. I like it. Though I'm glad that my hair grows quickly. It says to me that I can be myself. I don't have to style myself like something off of TV or a magazine, I don't have to have long hair just because Daniel likes long hair, for crying out loud! Daniel took this photo of me and I did the post-processing/touchup on it.

this is just who I am by you.

REALLY trying to get a picture of my new haircut by you.

I like this one 'cause it's so crazy and convoluted.

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