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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good morning!

I'm still folding a mountain of laundry - this is day #2 and I've not even finished washing all of the laundry! For every tn peices of laundry I fold I have to re-fold two because Josiah has knocked some of it over. But I'm listening to this music station I created on Pandora - which is the awesomest interenet "radio" I've ever used and I totally love this station! (if the link doesn't work please leave a comment and let me know!)
Here in Atlanta the weather is perfect. It's cool in the morning and evening and sunny and warm in the afternoon. I totally love it! We need such beautiful weather, really. It's pretty stressful at the moment with the fuel situation. If ever there was a time to change to bio-deisel (or something) it's now! There is usually only one station with gas at a time in our area. The last time I filled up I had to buy premium grade gas because it was the only gas the station had left. It's crazy, totally crazy. But it was crazy after Katrina and things eventually settled back to normal so I'm confident that things will be the same again.
Tuesday night we went to go ride bikes for the first time this season. We go to the parking lot of a big Baptist church around the corner and the kids ride their bikes without worrying about hills or cars. I took a bunch of photos - I can't wait to share them here! If you absolutely can't wait, I've posted some on my flickr page so bop over to see them.
Oh there went the towels! Josiah just pulled them all down (sigh) I'd better run!

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