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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Spring is here, if you look close enough. It's hiding in the corners and at the edges. You'll find it in the daffodils blooming in between properties and the odd flowering tree blooming here and there. Mostly it's grey and rainy and cold and it feels like winter still has it's icy fingers wrapped tightly around the sun.
This morning I spotted these beautiful pink flowering trees on the way to the Sunday meeting. So after lunch we stopped so I could take some pictures of them. Daniel said "you want to take pictures of those?" but once he saw my photos he was pleased. I don't know what they are. They were on a tree similar to a bradford pear.
The photo represents a bit how I feel today. For months I've felt like I've been carrying a burden, nearly crushing me to death. It's weighed me down so much that I felt I couldn't praise. I could worship, but I couldn't rejoice. Today God's Spirit gave me such great freedom in worship to praise. Freedom to believe, freedom to walk in faith, freedom to rejoice even in the middle of a difficult season. Now my skies are blue and my heart is blooming. It's easier to have faith at church, for sure. Life can hit hard sometimes, it knocks the breath right out of me. But God is so faithful, even when I wallow in self-pity for a bit and then hide in the shadows of guilt He is always inviting me, bekoning me to walk with Him, to walk in the light of His love and rejoice in His presence. He speaks feedom into my soul and says come just as you are. And just to be sure I get the message He surrounds me with beauty so I just can't resist His invitation. Isn't He wonderful?

This photo was taken with a NikonD80 Digital SLR & 55-200mm lense. Texture is one I downloaded for free applied in Digital Image Pro.

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